Schema Version: 1.3



A relationship linking two cvterms. Each cvterm_relationship constitutes an edge in the graph defined by the collection of cvterms and cvterm_relationships. The meaning of the cvterm_relationship depends on the definition of the cvterm R refered to by type_id. However, in general the definitions are such that the statement "all SUBJs REL some OBJ" is true. The cvterm_relationship statement is about the subject, not the object. For example "insect wing part_of thorax".


Column Type Size Foreign Key Nullable Default Comments
cvterm_relationship_id bigserial 19
type_id int8 19
cvterm.cvterm_id cvterm_relationship_type_id_fkey C

The nature of the relationship between subject and object. Note that relations are also housed in the cvterm table, typically from the OBO relationship ontology, although other relationship types are allowed.

subject_id int8 19
cvterm.cvterm_id cvterm_relationship_subject_id_fkey C

The subject of the subj-predicate-obj sentence. The cvterm_relationship is about the subject. In a graph, this typically corresponds to the child node.

object_id int8 19
cvterm.cvterm_id cvterm_relationship_object_id_fkey C

The object of the subj-predicate-obj sentence. The cvterm_relationship refers to the object. In a graph, this typically corresponds to the parent node.

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Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
cvterm_relationship_pkey Primary key Asc cvterm_relationship_id
cvterm_relationship_c1 Must be unique Asc/Asc/Asc subject_id + object_id + type_id
cvterm_relationship_idx1 Performance Asc type_id
cvterm_relationship_idx2 Performance Asc subject_id
cvterm_relationship_idx3 Performance Asc object_id