Schema Version: 1.3



A feature can have any number of slot-value property tags attached to it. This is an alternative to hardcoding a list of columns in the relational schema, and is completely extensible.


Column Type Size Foreign Key Nullable Default Comments
featureprop_id bigserial 19
feature_id int8 19
feature.feature_id featureprop_feature_id_fkey C
type_id int8 19
cvterm.cvterm_id featureprop_type_id_fkey C

The name of the property/slot is a cvterm. The meaning of the property is defined in that cvterm. Certain property types will only apply to certain feature types (e.g. the anticodon property will only apply to tRNA features) ; the types here come from the sequence feature property ontology.

value text 2147483647

The value of the property, represented as text. Numeric values are converted to their text representation. This is less efficient than using native database types, but is easier to query.

rank int4 10

Property-Value ordering. Any feature can have multiple values for any particular property type - these are ordered in a list using rank, counting from zero. For properties that are single-valued rather than multi-valued, the default 0 value should be used

Table contained -1 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
featureprop_pkey Primary key Asc featureprop_id
featureprop_c1 Must be unique Asc/Asc/Asc feature_id + type_id + rank
featureprop_idx1 Performance Asc feature_id
featureprop_idx2 Performance Asc type_id